The Rest of the Story

We continued on our way when Al and I heard the sound of birds chirping and a woodpecker drumming on a tree. This noise frightened Al and I asked him why? He told me that he had lost a brother and three of his sisters to the birds and that were constantly trying to hide from the birds because they eat them. I assured him again that I would protect him and he breathed gently. While we walked we talked about the world around us. I commented on the size of the trees and Al said that everything was relative, that the size of the trees to me was the same as the size of the tall grass where he lives is to him. While I pondered his intellect he continued, sometimes when I am in the darkness I have to climb to the very top of the grass to receive the light and that all things need to climb to the top of the highest point in order to receive the light. I told Al that he was very profound and truly wise. Point taken, I said, that’s what this trip is all about for me and the other wizards in training.
Al had many other questions that he wanted answered and I was able to help him clear up some of the mystery. Simple things that I used to take for granted like the babbling brook. Al said that he never seen such moving water. I explained to him how the water was the source of all life. He mentioned sadly that sometimes his friends would die if they drank from the standing water on the side of the path the moving objects go on. I told him it was common because of where he lived that mankind uses heavy concentrations of salt to prevent ice from building up in the months when he is sleeping. It settles in the earth and seeps into the water that kills his friends. It also kills trees and other living things that are in the poison zone. I told him that most of the major water ways in the world were so poisonous that it could not sustain life. He freaked out when he heard this and said if mankind is so unfeeling and stupid as to commit planetary suicide is there to be any hope for survival? I told him that there is hope and that is what the wizards are doing. We are spreading our message and we are constantly expanding the consciousness of others so that we can all work as one to save ourselves from ourselves before it is to late. Al. We have to also spread the word to the children because they are still pure and have not been affected by the ignorance of their elders. They are the future of the planet. We are making great strides to changes Al, so tell your kind that all is not lost.
Al breathed a sigh of relief and we stood in silence for quite some time. As we were meditating a huge wizard walked by and the earth rumbled under his feet. Al commented on the size of the giant and that he was so huge. I told him that his heart was larger than his body and the wizard was one of the chosen that could make your heart sing or cry with his prose. Al smiled and nodded that he understood.
We continued on the journey and I sensed that it would be ending soon. When we came into the view of the meadow where Al and I had met, he became very excited and told how happy he was to have been taken him on the journey with me. I told him that he was a true friend and the pleasure and respect was mutual. He asked one more thing as we joined the other wizards around the circle. He asked that I share the story of our time together and asked if he could be introduced to the wizards in my band. I said most certainly little friend, and as I stood to tell the tale of Al and our journey, I showed him to all my wizard brothers and sisters. They applauded the courage of the little fellow and as I sat him down outside the circle he jumped into the grass and with a laugh told me he loved me very much and he disappeared.
That had a profound effect on me. This was a true story. Peace Don


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