The past two years

Hello everyone, Thanks for joining me today. I will share some of the trials and tribulations on my journey to becoming a published author. After I wrote The Wizard and the Leafhopper, I started writing a series of stories. all with the common thread of educating the children on what they could do to help save the endangered animals and help the planet. The first story I wrote is titled The Wizard , the Polar Bear and the Penguin. I had it edited professionally , I found a fantastic illustrator through a friend on FB who connected us on Twitter. Social media are great for connections. I believe the cost to edit, illustrate and set up publication for each story is about $1100.00 each. Not for the faint of heart. But if you have a mission that you want to accomplish , then the money is irrelevant. It will come back many times over. To date I have four stories published with another at the illustrators being ready to go. Our mission is to help support Magical Earth Retreats. This is a non-profit foundation my wife and I set up to reconnect children with nature. It is now going into its fourth year. We are growing at a nice pace and making a difference in children’s lives.You can check it out here http://magicalearthretreats.com/ The stories are on Amazon in soft cover and e-book for Kindle and iTunes as well. I have also two stories on audio with the rest to follow and will be putting them on audible.com. Thanks to my good friend Gary Henry who owns Northern Track recording studio. He is helping me out. Thanks Gary. Everything starts with a thought, it is what you do with it that matters. Happy Holidays everyone. Until later. The Wizard


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