The Story of the Wizard

It all began about five years ago during a personal development course called the wizard camp. It was during the last exercise of the week called the void. Everyone was sitting around listening to instructions from Leela. She was the head wizard in charge. As she was explaining what was expected of us, which was to walk through the forest in silence for about two and half hours, a leafhopper jumped onto my index finger of my right hand. I looked down in amazement. The little fellow started talking to me. He asked if he might go on the journey with me as he had never left the meadow and wanted to see the forest.
I said that I would keep him safe and this started me on my path to writing children’s stories. The little fellow sat on my finger for the whole trip. When I got home I sat down and wrote The Wizard and the Leafhopper. The words flowed from my fingers. I showed the story to several people and they thought it was very good. This gave me the encouragement to carry on.
My wife had an epiphany also, That day she announced that she was going to start a non-profit foundation to reconnect children with nature. That has come to pass and we have provided many children in the past four years that opportunity. Our foundation is called http://www.magicalearthretreats.com .
Back to where I am today, five years later. I have written a collection of stories for children that teach them what they can do to help save the endangered animals and help the earth recover from the damage that has ensued after many years of neglect and abuse. The stories are available at http://www.amazon.com/The-Adventures-Wizard-his-Friends/dp/1483930432/ref=sr_1_45?ie=UTF8&qid=1370252446&sr=8-45&keywords=The+wizard+and+his+friends. I also have stories available as ebooks on ITunes and soon to be released audio books on audible.com. I do readings at local bookstores, schools and libraries as well. I am having a great time sharing these stories and if you would like to receive a free ebook from me to read to your children please email me at thewizard@wizardwisdom.com . I will be posting weekly from now on, so get in on the fun and let’s get interactive with this blog. To see the reviews go to http://www.amazon.com/The-Adventures-Wizard-his-Friends/product-reviews/1483930432/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1. Thank you all and I will be in touch next week. The Wizard