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The story that started the Wizard

I left off my last post with an explanation of the story I wrote that put me on my writing path. Here is a part of the story. The rest will be continued at a later posting.
The Wizard and the Leafhopper by Don Jones

Once upon a time, in a meadow in upstate New England a band of 87 apprentice wizards had gathered for indoctrination before starting out on a magical trip through the deep woods.
As I sat gathered in a circle listening with open hearts and minds to the beautiful and enchanting grand wizard Elana, a leafhopper crawled upon my left hand and settled on the finger nail of my left index finger. I looked at the little insect and he began to speak to me. He asked my name. I told him that I was called Ripple on Calm Water. I asked him his name and he replied you can call me Al. This was the beginning of a most amazing and thought provoking friendship.
Al asked what we were doing in the meadow and I told him that we were going on a magical trip through the deep woods. Upon hearing this, he asked if he might join me on this journey as he had never been in the woods before. I told him that he was welcome to join me and that if he was uncomfortable at any time that he could just jump off. Al replied, no I really want to see the forest. Al I asked, how come you chose me? Because I saw that you were a fellow that had an open heart that that could be trusted and that is why I chose you. He also told me that if he had not chosen me that I never would have found him, because he was so perfectly camouflaged. I thanked him for picking me. Elana was just wrapping up her talk and asked everyone to keep silent for the duration of the journey. We gathered our belongings and departed into the woods to study and observe the living things that are all around us. We had just started up the path when Al started to speak. There was a tree that had a metal chained wrapped so deeply around it that it had had lost all its branches and been drilled full of holes and had died. Al asked why this tree not like the others is. I, sadly told him that all humankind were not like the wizards and they can be arrogant and cruel to the other living things that make up our world. He did not seem to get the drift of what I had said. We continued down the path when Al noticed wizard Darlene putting trash into a black garbage bag. He was confused as to her actions and said he had never seen anything being put into those black vessels before but that he had seen humans toss them onto his grass home from moving objects. I explained that Darlene was a great and caring wizard and she was helping mother earth by picking up all the trash that some callous and selfish humans deface our land with. He seemed very pleased with this answer and asked that I tell her he was very grateful for her concern. I told him as soon as our silence was lifted that I would tell her that he was grateful. So much for silence, Al would not stop talking. I figured as long as he was not disturbing the rest of the group that he could talk as much as he pleased.
Not long after, as we stood on the path with Al raised up on my hand so that he could look around, a beautiful cobalt blue fly landed on my little pinky finger said hello but he did not respond and he hopped over to my other fingers until he landed next to Al. I saw Al tense up when the blue fly started getting into his space and Al stood up on his back legs. I saw how upset Al was so I shooed away the fly and Al settled back down and thanked me for protecting him. I told him as long as he traveled with me that I would take care of his security and get him home safely. This made him smile and he relaxed.