Marketing your story

The next step once you have your book or story published is to let people know about it. This is where the challenge lies. Social media are key for promoting your work. Networking with other people who have a similar interest as you and can relate to your story. Writing a blog to keep interest alive and moving forward is also important. Another avenue you should take is to join groups that are aligned with your mission. I have joined several mommy groups, as weird as that sounds, because I write children’s books and they are my main focus. Continually post information about yourself, your product and the benefits that people will receive when they purchase what you have to offer. Give something away for free with a squeeze page to capture email addresses and names. You need to build a list of qualified potential customers for your product. Work with other authors to become an affiliate of theirs to help promote yourself as well. Continue to write, you want to keep adding content for people who like your message. Don’t take anything personally, not everyone will like what you have. That’s alright. Whatever you decide to do, just live out your dreams and don’t let anyone ever say you aren’t good enough or that you will never succeed . A lot of people die with unfulfilled ambitions and dreams, don’t let that happen to you. Get in the game. Until next time. The Wizard